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Internal & External Auditing Firm in Dubai

The purpose of auditing in the United Arab Emirates is not simply to check numbers. The auditing industry is undergoing an enormous transformation due to various changes in regulations and technology. Auditing plays a constructive role in society by adding value to clients as well as providing information about how to enhance performance.


Auditing Services in Dubai

Assurance and audit are crucial to building trust and clarity among stakeholders. To maintain investor confidence, independent audits, and high-quality assurances are essential. Regulators, investors, and lenders may require auditing or assurance.

In order to ensure that your financial statements and records are in compliance with the international financial reporting standards (IFRS) and UAE laws, we will examine them meticulously. We have approved an audit of all the free zones and other jurisdiction companies in UAE through our professional audit team, which has an extensive appearance with International Standards on Auditing (ISA). Your firm’s financial condition and credibility will be further enhanced by the comprehensive audit report that substantiates the financial data.

Internal Audit Services

External Audit Services

Advantages of BAK External Audit Services

Certified External Auditing Team


Our audit procedures give companies the assurance that their evidence and the manner in which they conduct their businesses is legitimate.


Our team endorses the cogency and accurateness of the accounting reports prepared by the firm. This authenticates the financial position of the company and attracts additional finance for the firm.


It is an added benefit for the company as the public and the authorities would be under the impression that the business is a confirmed and unswerving organization in the market.

Circumvents Mistakes

Our experts are more cautious and there is the least possibility of mistakes during the preparation of the company’s accounts. This allows the company to make competent decisions about the future of the business as well as not to repeat them again.

Restricts Deceptions

There is no assurance that the internal audit of a company is error-free and has no misleading information. This will lead to deceptions and money laundering. Conducting an external audit by our experts will prevent any such irregularities in the company.

Impartial recommendation

BAK experts are a squad of skilled, competent and certified auditors. So, they provide reliable and dispassionate solutions for the benefit and advancement of the company.


Certified Internal Auditing Team

Risk Calculation

BAK assists the management to identify and prioritize areas that require attention and audit focus.

Process Review

BAK helps the management get an understanding of the current processes and procedures, and recommend the best strategy to enhance the productivity and efficient utilisation of resources.

Control Evaluation

BAK helps the company identify the trouble spots where the procedures and controls are not properly premeditated.

Testing Of Controls

BAK conducts tests of controls to confirm whether the controls are working as calculated.


BAK gives comments and commendations to improve the processes and controls.

Internal Controls

BAK helps the management develop effective internal controls that augment the controlled atmosphere.

Operational Risks

BAK gives advice on how to manage core operational risks, those related to the consistency of business operations.

Risk Performance

BAK gives assistance with connecting operational strategies & risk measures to business goals.

Internal audit enables to increase the operational efficiency through

*Understanding the needs of the customers and retaining them by establishing quality control measures, better pricing options
*Identify the week areas of your business
*Frequent review through SWOT analysis on employees
*Identifying the various risks and mitigating their effects
*Provides training and implement tools for the sustainable growth of the organisation
*Set up internal control procedures
*Continuous evaluation of market strategies and investment patterns

Internal auditors, with their expertise in controls and risk management, make sure that the pursuit of operational efficiency doesn’t leave a company exposed to potential fraud.

The most critical components of internal audit are independence and objectivity.

The Internal auditors render impartial, unbiased judgment through the conduct of their engagement in the auditing.
*Independence is obtained in the form of
*Full support and access to organizational resources,
*Authority to make sure broad audit coverage,
*Adequate consideration to communications and appropriate action on recommendations.

The internal auditor avoids conflict-of-interest situations, which may affect to perform the duties objectively.
The results of internal audit work must be reviewed and analysed before they’re released, for the assurance that the work has been performed objectively.

The internal audit increases the transparency and accuracy in the financial statements which helps to make more informed decisions. It also plays a major role in the Enhancement of Management credibility with good corporate governance.

We believe that confidentiality is the most important code of ethics to be maintained. We assure no kind of data disclosure will happen from our side. No audited information of the client shall be used for any personal benefit.


Internal auditing helps to bring a scientific, disciplined approach to management.
Internal audit helps in MIS reporting by
*Generating reports to assist and evaluate business daily activities
*Compliance with international standards
*Provides informed decisions and track progress
*Mitigates risk and make recommendations

External control includes any rule or regulation which has an impact on the actions of an organisation which includes: Federal laws of the country enacted by the government (VAT, ESR, Labor law) and laws which prevent discrimination within the company’s hiring procedure.

If control deficiency or noncompliance is observed the issue will be fully explored through frequent observation. If confirmed, the recommendation will be developed and included in the audit report. All issues will be fully vetted with the unit’s management and a recommendation will be developed to best suit the company’s individual needs.

The audit charges depend on the (1) Size of the company, (2) Complexity of transactions, (3) Turnover of the company, (4) Scope of an audit.

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