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Business Setup

Dubai is the Fastest Growing Economy in the world. The major business center for the entire Middle East. It is located in the United Arab Emirates' north-eastern region. The biggest contributors to its GDP are financial services, real estate, tourism & trade.


How to Set Up a Business in Dubai?

Dubai has grown at an incredible pace over the last three decades, due to its rapid growth and shifting from an oil export economy to a business-led economy. Primarily, Dubai entices foreign acquisitions due to its business-friendly government policies and strategic location. These are the major factors that industry owners want to set up their business in Dubai. Below are listed some factors to set up a business in Dubai.

Due to its size and popularity, Dubai has become the largest trading center in the United Arab Emirates. It is primarily owing to excellent business locations and a relaxed environment. Business Owners can easily operate their business circumstances, tremendous duty exceptions, complete protection, limited liability and more.

At present, more than 70 airlines and 155 shipping lines are operating in Dubai. This is perhaps one of the best things about Dubai.

Types of business licenses in Dubai


  1. Professional License – The Final type of license is presented to individuals based on their talents.
  2. Commercial License – Entrepreneurs need a commercial license to conduct their trading activities in Dubai. Retail Stores, Selling Electronic Products, Real Estate, Selling of Construction materials, are the major license categories. 
  3. Industrial License – Accumulation, Production, Packaging and Segregation are the types of licenses issued to manufacturing industries. 


Dubai is the best spot to start your business hub with exciting opportunities. Setting up a business is not an easy task nowadays. Contact us at BAK to Setting up a Business in Dubai. 

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