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Bookkeeping & Accounting Firm in Dubai

The accounting and financial services we offer are tailored to small businesses, non-profits and busy entrepreneurs in Dubai, Sharjah & the surrounding Emirates

Accounts & VAT

Bookkeeping & Accounting Firm in Dubai

We are a recognised and registered accounting service provider to businesses in Dubai and across the UAE. We offer a comprehensive range of financial solutions that are aimed at helping businesses improve their cash flow and raise their bottom line. We have a team of certified accountants, consultants, and payroll specialists who can develop a more effective system for managing and monitoring the financial health of your business.

Accounting and Financial advisors in Dubai, Sharjah and the surrounding Emirates who specialize in servicing small businesses’ profits and bust entrepreneurs.

We are the leading accounting service provider to businesses in Dubai, across the UAE. We provide complete solutions to businesses which helps to enhance their cash flow easily. 

Managing your company’s financial health is more effective when managed by consultants, certified accountants and payroll specialists. For top-notch quality and results, we adhere to the highest international standards. Distribution, International Trade, Logistics, Hospitality & Retail are just a few of the industries where we’ve successfully handled accounts.

We can help you build a customized accounting function, tailored exactly to your business requirements if your business is brand-new or doesn’t have an accounting function yet.

Do you have a business that has been running for a while, but you are not sure if your accounting is done correctly or not? We can perform an assessment of your accounting function, suggest steps needed to fix any perceived shortcomings and implement those steps for you.

If you have a company with an accounting function, but you are not sure if they are handling everything properly? Our specialists are here to help you.

By developing and implementing a structure, processes, systems, and controls tailor-made for your company, our firm can assist you in establishing and implementing these elements.

Accountancy requires patience, discipline, integrity beyond approach, an eye for detail, etc.,

Money is necessary for all businesses to operate. For better flow, you need to identify where the money comes from and where it goes. At the end, you will decide where the spend more to get profit.

We can make sense of those accounting reports and help them to analyze them.

Our Range of Specialised Services Includes

Creating Chart

Creating chart of accounts as per company structure & management requirements

Verifying Balance

Preparing and verifying balance sheet as of the cut-off date approved by the management

Setting Up

Setting up procedures to make sure the financials are recorded accurately

Setting Up

Setting up procedures to make sure the financials are recorded accurately


Booking of monthly entries including depreciation, accrual, prepaid expenses and etc.


Recording of monthly transaction including sales, expenses, bank entries, etc.

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